ID350 Light-weight, Man-Portable Drill Rig

Number in fleet: 7

Description: The ID350 utilises high pressure hydraulics and turbo-charged diesel engine. The heaviest component is the 200kg engine. This rig is capable of 70 metres PQ, 180 metres HQ and 350 metres NQ.

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ID350 Light-weight, Man-Portable Drill Rig Specifications


Engine: Kubota V 1505T 37 HP continuous @ 3000Rpm

Hydraulics: 1x Variable displacement piston pump. 120 litres OR 1x 2 segment fixed displacement gear pump 60 litres and 30 litres

Filtration: In-Tank filter on return Oil

Heat Exchanger: Hydraulic Oil returns via water cooler

Mast: 2 section lattice boom construction, Allows 3.6 metres head travel via hydraulic cylinder, travelling block, wire rope and pulleys. Mast Length 7.5 Metres allows for 6 Metre rod pull, Mast angle 90 to 45 Degree from Horizontal

Pull Back: 3,200Kg @ 210 Bar

Pull Down: 1,800Kg @ 80 Ba

Main Winch: 2,700Kg @ 180 bar bare drum pull, 18 Metres 12mm wire rope

Wire Line Winch: 1800Kg @ 170 bar, bare drum line pull 400 metres 6mm wire rope.

Rotation Head: Oil bath single gear reduction, 3.3:1 Piston motor torque, speed 750rpm, Torque 330 Nm @ 210 Bar, Head slide to allow 6 Metre rod pull.

Control Panel: Mast tilt and mast dump are at the main chassis, all other hydraulic controls are at the articulated remote station for safe control and vision.

Head Traverse: Fast feed 0.5 M per sec, slow feed 0-2 M per min.

Foot Clamp: Hydraulic single cylinder 2 jaw Tungsten insert to accommodate PQ/HQ/NQ

Drilling Capacity: PQ - 80 Metres / HQ – 180 Metres / NQ – 350 Metres.

Approximate Overall Rig Weight: 2,100Kg