Strategic Alliance

geosonicAs part of its desire to meet the drilling demands of customers, the Indodrill Group entered a strategic alliance during 2013 with GeoSonic Drilling, a Scottish company that specialises in sonic drilling. Sonic drilling uses a specially designed drilling process relying on high frequency vibratory forces, that allows for the recovery of high quality samples in ground conditions where conventional drilling methods struggle to obtain a continuous core sample. The alliance enables Indodrill to offer GeoSonic’s rigs and expertise to clients across Southeast Asia, Australia and EMEA.


indexssWith a view to improving the value and efficiency of the services we provide to our clients, Indodrill maintains a non-exclusive strategic alliance with ‘International Drilling and Exploration Services’ (Indexss), a regional supplier of drilling parts, supplies, and equipment for the drilling industry. This alliance enables us to offer our clients direct access to reliable, high-quality spares which are readily available, enhancing efficiency and helping to pass cost savings onto the client.
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