Drilling Operation in Malaysia

Indodrill established a presence in Malaysia in 2012. The company has an office and holding yard located in the State of Perak in Peninsula Malaysia.


Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia consisting of 13 states and 3 federal territories. With a population of over 28 million, the country is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural with Islam being the official religion. Since gaining independence in 1957, Malaysia has had one of the best economic records in Asia.

Prospectivity and Mining History

Previously known as a large-scale producer of tin, Malaysia has seen a rise in the extraction of gold, iron ore and coal in more recent years. No longer under the purview of local companies, there has been strong involvement by foreign investors and companies either indirectly or through strategic joint ventures with domestic players.

Malaysia retains a strategic geographical location along with sizeable mineral deposits which continue to ignite mining interests among local and foreign investors. Prospects for an increase in production of metal ores and minerals are ever-improving with several domestic and foreign companies interested in engaging in exploratory and mining activities in Malaysia.

Contact Info

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