The GDE Group provides an extensive range of drilling services to multiple industries and sectors.


The GDE Group has proven that its slim hole geothermal drilling can offer clients the same benefits as traditional exploration and production well drilling at a fraction of the cost, while maintaining safe and reliable standards for the extrapolation of geological and reservoir data. Indodrill is one of only 2 mineral drilling companies licensed for slim hole Geothermal drilling services in Indonesia.


The Group provides clients with the ability to target aquifers for the purpose of ground water extraction. The typical range of geological and geophysical profiles sought by clients includes environmental investigation, potable water supply, agriculture stock needs, contamination in ground water and monitoring wells.


With a dedicated geotechnical division, the Group provides infrastructure and construction industry clients with high-specification drilling services.


The GDE Group provides clients with sonic drilling services commonly used in ground conditions where conventional drilling techniques struggle to obtain continuous core samples. Sonic drilling is a versatile method of core recovery and is used across the mineral, energy, infrastructure, environmental and construction industries.


Specialising in trench-less pipeline installations, horizontal drilling, pipe bursting and pipe ramming, The GDE Group provides underground service installations to a wide range of clients including State Government departments and local councils (with expertise in all aspects of civil utilities including gas, electricity, water, sewage and telecommunications), mining companies, and commercial organisations.