At Indodrill we strive to provide the safest, highest-quality, innovative and competitive drilling service to every client. This resolute undertaking means we are constantly:

  • Reviewing, improving and refining the way we perform as a drilling services provider; and
  • Collaborating with every client to maximise the level of service we provide.


The health and safety of Indodrill’s employees is our highest priority and is never compromised.

Our objective is a workplace free of incidents and injuries.

Similarly, minimisation of our impact upon the environment and a contribution to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate are fundamental to our business.

We endeavour to work with our host countries and communities as closely as possible, respecting laws and customs and ensuring sharing of benefits and opportunities.

We achieve these objectives with an absolute commitment to safe work practices and a healthy work environment.


Indodrill believes a quality drilling service requires a combination of factors, including:

  • Well maintained rigs and support equipment, with high on-site rig availability
  • Excellent standards of safety and training
  • Trained and experienced personnel – both on-site and off-site
  • Highest operating standards, procedures and practices
  • Premium quality tools and consumables
  • Transparent and open communications with every client

At Indodrill we see the delivery of each of these factors as essential and we have introduced and implemented numerous measures, systems and initiatives to achieve this level of service.

From the top down, each and every aspect of the Group’s business is being constantly reviewed through consultation with clients and with employees at all levels. The changes we make to our business are all targeted at improving the way we deliver our drilling services.


Every single client, their project and their drilling requirements are unique. It is for this reason that the Group works closely with all clients prior to the commencement of drilling to specifically know what their desired outcomes are, whether they be technical, commercial or financial.

Providing innovative solutions for clients is dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may involve any aspect of the drilling services, such as:

  • Specialised and/or modified drilling rigs, set-ups and support equipment
  • One-off rig mobilisations and demobilisations
  • Delivering logistical solutions for customs and border crossings
  • Specialised downhole gear and consumables
  • Specific reporting of data, conditions and results
  • Providing drilling services for the benefit of local communities and people

In order to address technical solutions that may arise on any project, the Group relies on a team of Technical Advisors – world leaders in their fields – that travel from project to project as required to assist local drilling teams and spend time with clients to identify future issues within a drilling program.

The Group’s procurement and logistics is managed at a group level and ensures greater efficiency between each country and their local supply teams, and our close relationships with suppliers also helps us identify solutions for any particular client.

We also understand that many client’s face local and community-based issues with certain projects which can often be overcome with simple solutions. Indodrill is proud to have helped communities throughout many countries for over two decades by hiring local labour, drilling for useable water and supporting local charities and fundraising initiatives.


At Indodrill we recognise that the range of drilling service providers and pricing for a particular project can vary considerably. We believe in working with clients to understand what their goals are and how we can best help them. For any given project, our team will provide an accurate breakdown of operating costs so that the client knows exactly where they stand from start-to finish.