We have a proven track record in adding value to operations from contract commencement through to delivery. This inhouse engineering competency, coupled with our culture of innovation, is one of our core value-adds. It delivers tangible benefits to clients in the form of:

Successful projects depend on finding the right team members with skills to deliver. We have a proven track record in hiring specialist personnel, contributing creatively and partnering professionally – all while maintaining our high standards for quality.

Our culture at GDE Group thrives off innovation so it’s no surprise we can offer clients tangible benefitssuch as,

Engineered solutions to drilling challenges, optimised drilling results tailored to specific project requirements, and
drill reliability and availability due to our exceptionally high maintenance standards.


We invest in developing knowledge and capability in autonomy and real time data analysis. Our leaders have led successful implementation of autonomous drilling and are at the cutting edge of drill data and the downstream benefits that utilising that data can provide.


With our innovative mindset and drilling process knowledge, we can proactively identify recommendations for any client’s project with quick implementation of those solutions.


We minimise or negate the cost of changing supplier through our seamless ability to integrate into operations, our personable approach and our commitment to supporting optimal production results.


Where production requirements demand it, we can deploy additional rigs at short notice.


Drawing on our deep knowledge of drills we can quickly tailor and enhance drills to specific project requirements for optimal results.