Indrodrill and The GDE Group currently has a fleet of over 75 well-maintained rigs, including commercial brand rigs such as Schramm, Sandvik and Boart Longyear, and customised rigs designed and manufactured in-house. The diversity of our fleet enables Indodrill to assist clients achieve all of their drilling requirements.

Maintenance plans are assigned for each rig and are designed to maximise rig availability, optimise performance, and minimise downtime and maintenance costs.

While maintenance and refurbishment are part of good asset management, our desire to continuously update and optimise our fleet is part of our overall commitment to an innovative and quality drilling service.

The Group’s Technical Review Committee oversee the utilisation and maintenance of all rigs and equipment, including support to each country and project team across the Group to ensure rigs are performing at an optimal standard, our Senior Mechanics teams, Technical Advisors and Procurement and Logistics Group are able to provide on-site diagnosis, assessment and solutions to resolve any unforeseen issues.

At Indodrill we understand that procurement, logistics and inventory are fundamental to our ability to provide a professional service.

With multi-national operations our Procurement and Logistics Group has constant oversight and communication with local supply teams to ensure greater efficiency in delivery of supplies within a country, between countries and with local and international suppliers.

Recognising that mobilisation and demobilisation is often different for every single client and project, means we review all transport on a case-by-case basis with every move designed to reduce time, cost and risk.

A strategic alliance with Indexss – a dedicated drilling tools, equipment and consumables manufacturer and supplier – enables Indodrill to support its clients’ drilling operations more efficiently, effectively and affordably and ensure inventory is available either in-country or on-site.

The Group’s objective is to provide exceptional drilling services driven by safety, quality and productivity and minimisation of our impact upon the environment.

The Group invests in quality equipment and technologies, and actively pursues innovative developments. Our management systems have been developed to satisfy stringent international HSEQ and operational standards and codes of practice. It is through industry advances and compliance with our IMS that we are able to achieve a safe, productive and reliable service.